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Theatre, Choral, Magazine and Events.

There is a wide range of art activities in our school. Apart from the academic importance given to the education and grades, our students are trained in different artistic and creative areas.During their school days, they are trained to dance, paint, sing, act, etc.

They learn how to express themselves in artistic ways. They discover inner emotions and expressing them in front of audiences. Once a year, we dedicate a week to these activities.

We are proud to have different physical areas to develop artistic disciplines inside our facilities. There is a theater to represent our plays, they are sometimes from famous writers and sometimes written by the students themselves. There is professional music studio recording where every year we record an album. Not only we sing covers, many times we write our own songs.

They play drama since the very early ages, training their voices and bodies to express feelings and emotions. They combine speeches with dances and songs on the stage, singing live. So, it is common to have musical plays with their own voices and dances.

There is a choral with a plenty number of students to sing in our celebrations and school activities. Once a year we attend to the annual meeting of Choral Groups in Catalonia.

Students become journalists. They have their own digital magazine where they are trained in the different disciplines of journalism. This is place where they publish their articles, interviews, pictures and reviews of the important issues related to the school.

Once a year, we celebrate the Week of the Music. Students bring their instruments to show their mates from other courses their skills and passion.

Music is an important subject in our school, so we consider they must learn about their bodies and its expression related to music.

The students learn that knowledge is beyond a book and notes on the boards. They sometimes work with handmade projects as banners, songs or cooking recipes related to their School Units.According to the Catholic Calendar, we celebrate Masses where the students play very important roles, reading important passages of The Bible as well as singing live.