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Student commissions, formed by teachers and students (delegates and others) help with the participation, organization and development of schools events and activities.

Some examples of commissions are: mediations; Cultural Week and Festival, Christmas and Sant Jordi celebrations; the school magazine; corridor decorations, etc.

Very active commissions are the ICT experts group, who help teachers and students with computer technologies and the Green School commission, who works in sustainability and the protection of our environment. They make projects and daily actions to make a better and green school and to involucrate the rest of the students in this cause.

Some students represent our school in a young council of the municipality to improve some aspects for youth in our town, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. The school organizes sports trainings and competitions.

During the course year, food is collected for the neighbor Catholic parish where is distributed. On Sant Jordi’s Day (St.George) we organize a literature contest.

We celebrate the Peace Day where all the school sing and pray for the peace in the world.

We participate in the tree plantation to give new fresh air and new green places to the town. We participate in town’s festivals like the Book Day, the Swap’s Day, the Sustainable Mobility Day and some different town’s festivals.

We have some solidarity projects to help a school in Peru. Every year we record a music CD that we sell to families. We celebrate the Solidary Breakfast Day too, where all the students pay for eating and we send all that money to our solidarity project in Peru.