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It is taught mainly in Social studies, it appears mainly in subject of Geography and History. Pupils learn democracy superficially when they are 10 years old and, more deeply from 12 years old. European institutions are studied in Geography during Secondary.

Class group delegates

Teachers responsible of a class group (tutors) with his/her students reflect about the role of their students’ delegates and their qualities: facilitate a good class environment; help to solve conflicts and class problems; have a good relationship among teachers and students.Every school year the students choose their delegates in September.1 or 2 students will be the class commission and their functions will be distributed like: delegate and sub delegate.Tutors celebrate meetings with class delegates, who have an essential rolefor the group cohesion, help in the planning of exams and works withteachers, and help those students with academic or social problems.4The delegates meet with the teachers to evaluate positive aspects or aspects to improve, with suggestions or complain of their classes. After that, delegates tell their classmates.

Student Commissions

Student commissions, formed by teachers and students (delegates andothers) help with the participation, organization and development ofschools events and activities.

School Council

Parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff have a say in the management of schools, thanks to the representation that all sectors of the educational community have on members of school boards. Since the adoption of the budget of the center, the most important decisions made in a school must pass by this governing body.The School Board renewed every two years half of its members in the sectors of teachers, parents and students, so that the minimum period of stay is four years. Members are elected by and from among them, parents choose their representatives, students and theirs as does the teacher.In private schools the composition of the school board shall be: director/a, three representatives of the owner of the center, a representative of the City Council or Councillor, four faculty representatives, four representatives of the parents or guardians of students.For example the School Council shall have the following powers:

 Make proposals to the managementteam on the annual program of theeducation center and approve projectwithout prejudice to the powers of theTeachers in relation to planning andteaching organization.

 Participate in the process of admitting students and ensure that is done subject to the provisions of this Act and provisions implementing.

 Approve the rules of internal governance center.

 Meet the resolution of conflicts and disciplinary sanctions and ensure that they comply with current regulations.

 To approve the proposed school budget and liquidation.

 Promote the conservation and renovation of school facilities and equipment…